the thing that

terrifies me the most is water. Large bodies of water? Surrounded by water? Forget about it. I can't stand water. Not long ago Cosme and I went to the beach. We started to walk down the jetty and I was fine. All of a sudden, the sand got too far away and panic hit. I had to walk back, fast, while cupping my hands around my eyes to hide the water. Another time we were out fishing on a boat. I was fine until we headed back. Panic hit again and I had to sit on the floor of the boat so I couldn't see the water. I'm not too crazy about water.


Lauren said...

you may not be crazy about water... but you do seem crazy sometimes... :D (like mother like daughter, right? good thing i'm not like her...)

melanie said...

"hello, kettle? this is the pot. you're black."