i'm still here

I just haven't felt like posting anything. First of all, there's been a lot going on. Second, I'm on a new computer and haven't felt like installing all my camera stuff. I'd really like to get my laptop up and running again. Maybe I'll put it in the shop, I don't know. Call me lazy, call me preoccupied, whatever...I'll get over it. There will be new pictures soon. Not only am I in the mood, but we're going to see BB King next week...and Buddy Guy two weeks later. Don't give up on me, I'll get back with the program.


Tracy Gupton said...

How was the BB King concert? Isn't he over 80 now? I love BB and even have some old .45's that he recorded in the early 1960's. My wife Peggy and I saw John Fogerty in concert at the Houston Rodeo back in March with our son Brian and his galpal Tiffanie. It was great! Fogerty sang most of his old Creedence Clearwater Revival hits, plus a lot of his solo stuff. He just turned 63 recently so John is no spring chicken either. I have seen him in concert four times now. Peggy used to work for a guy in Lake Jackson who thought BB King and Bobby Blue Bland hung the moon. He never missed a chance to see them in concert when they came to Houston. What was the Buddy Guy concert like? I recently read a book about Jimi Hendrix. The book said that Buddy Guy cried like a baby at Jimi's funeral in Seattle, and that he had to be led away from Jimi's casket because he was taking his friend's death so hard. Buddy Guy played in one of Hendrix's last bands.

melanie said...

Well...we ended up leaving BB King because he wasn't really playing and we couldn't see. We had a better time before the show when my dad and Eric were playing. We saw Buddy Guy at Billy Bob's and it was really good. He's a great entertainer.