party like it's...

well, last weekend. Cosme's office's Christmas party was last weekend. (Yeah, my hair's red but the glow of the ribbons on the tree are making it red to the extreme.) We stayed at the party a while and then headed to Wild West. Yes, you read correctly. This duo headed to a c&w bar. The crazier part of that story is we were dancing to hip-hop as well as c&w. By the way, Cosme did the Cotton-Eyed-Joe for the first time. (I couldn't believe he hadn't learned it in elementary school. I learned it in p.e. - and that was in the city!) Anyway, a few hours later (as well as a few drinks later) Cosme braved the crowd and told me to pick a song for his moment in the spotlight...yeah, karaoke. I gave him three choices: Elvis, The Cult or Johnny Cash. Needless to say, he chose The Cult. So, a little "She Sells Sanctuary" it was. He was told there were people in the back making the typical headbanger hand gestures while bobbing their heads. It was a total rockstar moment. Yeah, yeah, I admit that I was hollering and clapping. The next day he was saying he couldn't believe he got up and did it. Guess what, he can believe it now because one of his co-workers got a lovely shot of it.

Exhibit A:

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