and why

does it matter what Oprah thinks? Oh, that's right, it doesn't! I don't know what's more pathetic...that people need to take advice from a rags-to-riches talkshow host on everything from books to politicians OR that those people (such as Oprah) believe us people without celebrity status cannot think for ourselves. Seriously, what makes Oprah's opinion of who the next Presdient should be any different from Melanie's...nothing. If I could say one thing to Ms. Winfrey, it would be this, "please shut up and go away. your ramblings on don't mean squat in life outside Harpo." So, Oprah, Barbra, Sean Penn, Ben Affleck, etc...believe it or not, the majority of Americans have minds of their own and don't need your input...thanks anyway.
I would get started on Brad Pitt and his quest to save the world with our help, but I'm so sick of it all I can't bring myself to ruin a perfectly good morning.
UPDATE: at Mom's request, the picture of Oprah Winfrey was removed because "it doesn't deserve to be posted".

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