Lucille.Cosme and I took her to the vet on Friday. She'll stay outside...if we keep her. Yes, she is inside right now but only because she's so little and she needs to destress. The vet wants me to bring her back in next week for some shots. Once I start her on shots, I'll probably keep her.

While we were in the vet's office, I started to think about names. Eric had a couple of names picked out but they were all boy names. But what if he was a she? I started thinking about girl names. Someone in the office said, "Desi"... ding, ding, ding...I'll call her Lucy, no Lucille. I thought about it for a second and assured myself Eric would never go for Lucille. Then I remembered BB King's guitar...Lucille! Perfect. I called Eric on the way home and told him IF we keep her, she'll be called Lucille. He asked, "you mean like BB King's guitar, cool!"-see how it all works out.

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