why go to a

carnival if you're not going to have a funnel cake? Really. Is there any other reason? Yeah, all carnival food is good, but funnel cakes are the best.
Cosme and I were at the San Jacinto Festival last night. We went over to get some snacks and I ordered a funnel cake. Since they make them as the cakes are ordered, the customer steps to the side and allows the next person in line to place their order...carnival etiquette. The lady ahead of me got her cake and left, I stepped aside to allow the next customer to place his order. (We'll refer to him as drunken redneck.) I watched through the window as the workers perfected candy apples, filled bags of popcorn and poured my cake's batter into the grease. Once drunken redneck, or "DR", orders his funnel cake, he turns to "farmer joe" behind him and strikes up a conversation. "How are things on the farm?"...blah, blah, blah. Still waiting on my funnel cake here. I'm not sure if it's his lingering odor of eau de Budweiser, his dialect, the fact he's in my way or all of it together, but it doesn't take DR long to get on my nerves. Ahh, funnel cake. It's a chilly night and a nice hot funnel cake awaits. The lady pulls it out and lets it drain a little before covering it with powdered sugar. She comes to the window, I hold out my hands and DR grabs it, sticking his nubby little greased up thumbnail in my perfect funnel cake. Wait, what about me? Oh no he d'int. Hey DR! Do you NOT notice that I've been waiting here for my funnel cake and reaching my arms out to grab it from the lady? I, being the way I am, stay cool...okay so I did say a few things. (You know how I work. Raise my voice and indirectly say how I feel. Yeah, it totally embarrasses Eric.) Anyway, he takes MY funnel cake and I only wish that this annoying DR will trip and fall in a nearby puddle. Wouldn't that be great? Whatever. The lady quickly realized what happened and apologized. I tell her it's okay and begin to wait on the next funnel cake. All of a sudden, Cosme points DR out to me. He wasn't five feet away and bam. He dropped it. Beautiful. (I'm starting to dig this whole karma thing.) DR picks up his funnel cake and chunks it. The ground in front of him shows traces of the funnel cake, damp green grass with a distinct circle of powdered sugar. I've never wanted my camera so badly. Why did I leave it at home? Oh well. I'll always cherish that moment, the moment karma came and bit DR in the arse.
NOTE: Did you notice the picture from last night? Kinda bright outside, huh? Busted. Yes, we went back today and yes, we got another funnel cake. We couldn't resist. I would like to add that the homemade corndogs also rock.

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Gina said...

You are so freaking funny!!!!
I thought that was Cosme working the parade but I wasn't real sure so I didn't say anything to him. Sorry I'm stuck up!!!!